uthann's oft-lock arving

Welcome to my Web site about soft-block carving. Here you will find information about soft-block carving, including how-to's, my growing gallery, and links.

Soft-block carving is the art of carving stamps from erasers and other soft material. I usually use the very economical Nasco's Safety Kut and PZ-Kut, but I also use common plumber's gasket, which is available in 6 x 6-inch sheets at home improvement and hardware stores.

I have done some stamp carving over the past few years (I even own Mirkwood Designs, a rubber stamp company), but I became more involved in carving after my mother's sudden death in October 2000. I found myself in a deep depression, and carving allowed me to lose myself, meditate, pray, and create. It was very therapeutic, and a lot cheaper than a visit to a psychiatrist!

I hope you have a nice visit, and if you are not already a carver, give it a try!